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    • Please fill out the form for orders in the region of Sofia city  or write to order@salmon.bg

    • We deliver every Tuesday and Thursday. For delivery the next day the order has to be made the previous day by 13:00 0’clock

    • Guaranteed fresh- we deliver within hours of harvest!

    • Price for whole fish, not gutted- 18 lv./kg incl.VAT, delivery fee – 7 lv. per address

    • Free delivery with order of 5 fishes

    • Cold Smoked Coho Salmon 100gr- 6 lv per pack

    • Marinated skinless Fillet- 500gr- 12lv, 

    • Salmon salad with dill, green olives, garlic-500gr.- 10lv per pack

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  • 100% Recirculation facility, from hatchery to grow out-constant filtration and control of the water, which combined with certified pathogen-free eggs, top quality, certified -Non GMO, specialized and natural feed with no additives, hormones or antibiotics, guarantees optimal living conditions for ecologically clean product, with no compromises to quality

  • We adhere and comply with the Organic (Bio) principles although certification is not yet available for such production.

                                             Rated “Best Choice”
    The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood® Watch program helps consumers and businesses choose seafood that’s fished or farmed in ways that protect sea life and habitats, now and for future generations. According to the Seafood Watch® program, Coho Salmon from Recirculation Aquaculture is rated “Best Choice”


  • Bigger quantity and more useful Omega oils, actually close to double the amount compared to Atlantic Salmon

  • We starve the fish for at least 7 days before harvest
    This brings up the color, purges the flesh and makes it firmer

  • Controlled environment and full traceability throughout the lifespan of the salmon in combination with certified pathogen-free eggs, fast and gentle harvesting, provides superior grade product.