Production Cycle

RAS systems provide 24 hour continuous filtration and recycling of the water including bio and mechanical filtration in combination with oxygenation, ozonation and  CO2 stripping. The system design prohibits the use of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics. There are only a few similar systems in the world.

salmon eggs


  • Eggs are purchased from certified“pathogen-free”  supplier and introduced to the hatchery


swim up fry

  • Upon hatching the Salmon fry feed of their sack and then start to swim up looking for first feed   

salmon grow out


  • The hatchery produces 30-gram juvenile fish every 90 days


  • Upon transfer to grow out tanks, fish reach the target weight of 3 kilograms within 16 months


salmon grow out


  • Production groups are staggered throughout the year for harvest capabilities of 200 MT’s/annum


  • Only top quality specialized, natural feed is used with no hormones, antibiotics or additives


  • Fish are transported to certified 3rd party processor within hours of harvest to ensure the best quality product. Advance planning and permits are underway for own processing facility .


  • The product is fully traceable with steady weekly harvests all year long.


Cohofarm hatchery and Grow out